We own, operate, develop, and/or invest in a portfolio of nearly 18 million square feet—with another 18.7 million square feet in our development pipeline—all concentrated in attractive infill markets. Our creativity and scale enable us to be more than owners—we are placemakers who strive to create value and have a positive impact in every community we touch.

Placemaking is a core part of our DNA—a philosophy that is as much about creating compelling experiences as it is about creating remarkable real estate. By strategically mixing high-quality multifamily and commercial buildings with anchor, specialty and neighborhood retail along with thoughtfully planned public areas, and walkable streets, we can define neighborhoods. We also focus on flexibility and work to design unique spaces that allow us to be nimble and responsive to the changing retail climate and ever-shifting customer preferences.

 Our placemaking focus is driven by several key values:


An “Inside-out” perspective

First and foremost, we work to solve for the happiness of the residents, visitors, retailers, and tenants that call our communities home. Our goal is to create experiences that exhilarate and inspire. Selected retailers are natural magnets—whose creative concepts help invigorate the streets.


Understanding the Market and the People

We explore each market opportunity with extensive in-house research—diving into the existing and competitive landscape, historical trends, infrastructure, demographics, detailed sales and occupancy data, and projections on future outlook. Through focus groups and other qualitative research, we focus on the people that will invigorate our communities.


Design Ingenuity

Our specialized placemaking in-house team includes designers, architects, urban planners, landscape architects and retail experts that start with a cohesive vision.
Together, they assemble the puzzle pieces to create a master plan that thoughtfully integrates the kind of retail that can anchor the neighborhood with engaging street experiences.
Their deep focus on details like materials, texture, art, typography, furniture, and more, make places that feel romantic, comfortable, warm and fresh—and true to their market.


20/20 Vision

Our design philosophy is focused on the 20 feet of sidewalk and 20 feet of street façade that envelops people and defines the place. This includes signage, storefront facades, street furniture, pavers, and public art– all conceived to provide the best possible canvas to attract a curated collection of retailers and a growing customer base.


Collaboration and Partnerships

Our partnerships with our retailers encourage them to be creative in their marketing and merchandising; to make the neighborhoods theirs by adopting our 20/20 vision—and spilling their energy into our sidewalks.
And our partnerships with local jurisdictions support iconic public art, signage, and more.


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